The Gamits on “Serious Cream Sessions” in Milano, Italy

The Gamits

There is a band in Milano, Italy that goes by the name Low Dérive. They not only play in a pretty kick ass band, but also started a blog that highlights bands in a more intimate setting. They catch a band by surprise, set them up with lights and an acoustic guitar and ask them to play a couple of their songs. This is what happened to us while in Milano.

The first song that has been edited and posted is from the 2010 album, Parts, on Paper + Plastick. The song is titled “No One Cares, So Why Should I.”

There will be a second song posted in just a few days and there are also videos from Astpai and Broadway Calls, so do yourself a favor and keep your eye on Serious Cream Sessions and check out Low Dérive. The site is just getting started and we think this is going to only get better and better!

* Originally posted on For the Love of Punk


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