Recording and Touring!

Quick update just for you buddy. This Saturday we are doing a show in Tempe, AZ with some good friends in good bands. Can’t wait! Check out the upcoming shows page for details.

Next week we have a few days blocked off for recording. We’re doing 2 songs for a split with Red City Radio. I’m not sure I was supposed to tell anybody about that but I already let the cat out of the bag. Very unprofessional. Each band is doing a cover song and a new song. I already heard RCR’s songs and they are too good.

The big news is we are tying up loose ends for the 2011 European tour which begins August 25th! There are some details still coming in for some of these shows so hopefully everything will work itself out! It makes me a bit nervous to not have everything confirmed this late in the game but if it were any other way it wouldn’t be a proper Gamits tour! Check the dates on the shows page!

All shows are with our Swiss buddies Goodbye Fairbanks.