Here goes 543 days worth…

According to this thread it has been 543 days since our last news update. Now we have a new website, thanks to Johnny, and plenty to talk about so here goes.

I guess I should catch us up on the last 543 days. We went on a couple rad tours, Russia, Japan, and played some great shows around Colorado. We released two split seven inches which you can buy directly from us on the music page.

We made yet another personnel change. This time it was our good buddy Scott Weigel, who played bass on “Parts” and was a great bandmate for quite a while, who had a family to support and couldn’t just be running around to random continents with a band. Forrest and I wanted to keep going and it was with much patience that we finally found Johnny Wilson who has now played a hand full of shows with us and is getting all stoked to go on tour!

That leads us to the present and the not too distant future. Right now we are gearing up for 5 to 7 shows around the region within the next 4 months with our friends The KnewHead Injuries and The Sound Collapse on some dates (stay tuned on our shows page for that). Then we are headed back to Russia for something like 10 shows and the other leg of that tour should take us through Italy and Switzerland. We’ll release those dates as soon as we have them.

That’s it pals! Will there be new Gamits music coming out soon? That’s a damn good question…