New Song and Video, “KGB Are Still Looking For Me”

The Gamits

* featured image by Jane Evdokimova

We have released a new song with a video that follows us through our month long Russian / European tour in May of 2013. The song is titled “KGB Are Still Looking For Me” and was inspired by another person who was in Russia during May that was a suspected spy and had the same last name as singer Chris. So the video and song play up this theme mixed with images of the trip throughout Ukraine, Russia and Italy.

Chris Fogal:

This song was written in the van on our long drives through Russia after we had seen some news of an American with the same last name as me being arrested as a suspected spy. It was big news at the time and we were also binge watching the show “24” so it was all spy stuff all the time! We wanted to do a special song for a Moscow radio show so the KGB song came together and we played it on acoustic guitars on the air for the first time. The video plays up the spy theme and is mixed with some tour photos from Ukraine, Russia and Italy.

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Luca Spigato at Hate Studio in Rosà, Italy. All video production by Ryan McNurney at Electra Productions and some photos used by Luca’s Bar (Italy), Jane Evdokimova (Ukraine) and Serina Menin (Italy).

The Gamits are also playing a headlining show in Denver at Marquis Theater on Saturday, August 24th, 2013 and maybe they’ll just be playing this new song! Check out full details HERE.

Check out the song and video below:

If you want to purchase “KGB Are Still Looking For Me”, go to The Gamits Bandcamp.  


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The Gamits on “Serious Cream Sessions” in Milano, Italy

The Gamits

There is a band in Milano, Italy that goes by the name Low Dérive. They not only play in a pretty kick ass band, but also started a blog that highlights bands in a more intimate setting. They catch a band by surprise, set them up with lights and an acoustic guitar and ask them to play a couple of their songs. This is what happened to us while in Milano.

The first song that has been edited and posted is from the 2010 album, Parts, on Paper + Plastick. The song is titled “No One Cares, So Why Should I.”

There will be a second song posted in just a few days and there are also videos from Astpai and Broadway Calls, so do yourself a favor and keep your eye on Serious Cream Sessions and check out Low Dérive. The site is just getting started and we think this is going to only get better and better!

* Originally posted on For the Love of Punk


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Tour posters for Russian / European Tour 2013

We just got a hold of our Russian / European tour posters to coincide with our tour coming up in May. We don’t have all the tour dates yet, but we’re posting them as we get them in. Stay tuned to THIS PAGE to keep up with what we’re up to!

Russia Tour Poster


European Tour Poster

Here goes 543 days worth…

According to this thread it has been 543 days since our last news update. Now we have a new website, thanks to Johnny, and plenty to talk about so here goes.

I guess I should catch us up on the last 543 days. We went on a couple rad tours, Russia, Japan, and played some great shows around Colorado. We released two split seven inches which you can buy directly from us on the music page.

We made yet another personnel change. This time it was our good buddy Scott Weigel, who played bass on “Parts” and was a great bandmate for quite a while, who had a family to support and couldn’t just be running around to random continents with a band. Forrest and I wanted to keep going and it was with much patience that we finally found Johnny Wilson who has now played a hand full of shows with us and is getting all stoked to go on tour!

That leads us to the present and the not too distant future. Right now we are gearing up for 5 to 7 shows around the region within the next 4 months with our friends The KnewHead Injuries and The Sound Collapse on some dates (stay tuned on our shows page for that). Then we are headed back to Russia for something like 10 shows and the other leg of that tour should take us through Italy and Switzerland. We’ll release those dates as soon as we have them.

That’s it pals! Will there be new Gamits music coming out soon? That’s a damn good question…

Free Show and Europe Tour Update!

We finished the 2 song recording in true Gamits fashion, at the very last minute and we are stoked! Can’t wait to have a new slab of vinyl in our collection! Not sure about the release details yet but it should be soon!

Free show at Illegal Pete’s this Saturday night! Come sing some songs with us before we leave on a European Vacation.

Yes! All the dates are confirmed and we are ready to role. Real life has been so crazy busy that sitting on a plane for 15 hours is actually starting to sound enjoyable. Check the shows page if you are lucky enough to live in any of the rad countries we will be playing. Highlights include 2 shows with Face to Face, a big outdoor fest in Switzerland and a “mansion on the beach” party thing in Italy. Bummer!