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Prepping for Japan / Russia tour!

Hi. We had a great time at the SHR 15 year show! Well, Forrest,me and most of the people in attendance did! Scott on the other hand had a real rough night thanks to the food poisoning he had from eating at Steubens earlier that day. He was a real trooper and made it through all but one song ( “bloodstains pictureframes” ) during which he was puking all over the place! I missed it as I was trying to hold my shit together but Forrest and the people on the side of the stage got quite a show I guess! Scott continued to hate life well into the next morning but is feeling better now. Thanks to everyone for showing up and going pretty nuts. It was super fun.

That’s gonna be it for state side shows until November probably. We leave for Japan on the 25th and hang out for a few days before tour starts. Then 2 shows in Tokyo before we head off to the Ukraine. I think we have 3 shows there and the rest are in Russia. Forrest and I will head home on the 17th, or is it the 18th? Scott will go on to Spain to hang out there with his family until early November. When we are all back our plan is to play a local show where we only do the Parts album from start to finish. We think it would be fun we just have to figure out the best place to do it. Ok that’s it for now! Be sure to head over to our bandcamp page for sweet deals that support the band directly. We will be adding some shirts and package deals real soon. Also check back here for tour updates, shows, stories from the road, all that.


Busy Couple Weeks!

So we had the CD release show at the Gothic Theatre which rocked and was a lot of fun. We also filmed for a video that day that should be out soon. It’s for “Falling Apart”.

The album has been streaming on for a couple of days now and is getting some great feedback! I’m back in the studio working with Ume, the band from Austin that played at the release show. Great band, very nice people.

BTW check out for info on my little studio if you want.

We have a show this weekend at 3 Kings in Denver for the 15 year anniversary of Suburban Home Records. Damn, has it really been that long? We play Saturday night around 10:30 or 11 I think.

We were selling limited edition CD’s at the show that had a jewel case and a simple insert. We should have the full on digipack this weekend at the show so come by and check it out! Also pre order for vinyl went up yesterday. We have 4 different colors to choose from! All very cool.

Go to or or buy stuff from us at or just hit the links on this site.

Ok! Gotta run friends. Jefe ( my dog ) is howling at the fire engines.

New Song Up!

You can stream “Falling Apart” for a week over at Paper and Plastick Records starting now!

The Gamits Are Back!

Hello friends. It has been a while hasn’t it? We, the Gamits, decided in November or something of 2009 to get back together, write a new album, and play some shows. Now it is August of 2010 and we are happy to say that all has gone according to plan and we just played our reunion show to a packed house here in Denver, ( thanks to everyone who made it even though the Warlock Pinchers were playing that night! ) and we are gearing up for the “Parts” album release show on Sep 4th at the Gothic Theater!

We have made a new friend and label partner over at Paper and Plastick Records , thanks Vinnie!

“Parts” will be released on both P&P and Suburban Home Records. Good deal!

So….yeah, we have some big shows coming up and then we leave on a very exciting tour that takes us to Tokyo, then to the Ukraine and on to Russia. As soon as we have all those dates we will post them for ya. Can’t wait for the release show! See you there!