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Recording and Touring!

Quick update just for you buddy. This Saturday we are doing a show in Tempe, AZ with some good friends in good bands. Can’t wait! Check out the upcoming shows page for details.

Next week we have a few days blocked off for recording. We’re doing 2 songs for a split with Red City Radio. I’m not sure I was supposed to tell anybody about that but I already let the cat out of the bag. Very unprofessional. Each band is doing a cover song and a new song. I already heard RCR’s songs and they are too good.

The big news is we are tying up loose ends for the 2011 European tour which begins August 25th! There are some details still coming in for some of these shows so hopefully everything will work itself out! It makes me a bit nervous to not have everything confirmed this late in the game but if it were any other way it wouldn’t be a proper Gamits tour! Check the dates on the shows page!

All shows are with our Swiss buddies Goodbye Fairbanks.

Old News and New News!

The bass player thing worked itself out a while ago when our good buddy Dave Barker said he would do it. Even though this went down months ago we have hardly practiced because we are all so damn busy with everything!

In 5 days we open a great show at the Summit Music Hall with Smoking Popes and Alkaline Trio. This will be Dave’s first show with the band. Then we go on a mini tour of Colorado for 4 shows with Bad Karma Kings, our buddies from GJ who decided to play ska punk. Then we go to Europe for 3 weeks on August 25th. Those dates will be posted soon! Fin.

We Need a Bass Player!

Hey, WE NEED A BASS PLAYER! Again! For real! After the Teenage Bottlerocket show in April we are going to have to find somebody to replace Weigel. It sucks and we are bummed but Mr. Weigel has actual real life important stuff to do and we have to let him do it. He is going to be nearly impossible to replace and we are not stoked!

All that said we have to do it because we have tours in the works and want to do another album. Without getting into too much detail we need a bass player that most importantly can sing harmony! We can’t stress this enough. There are plenty of dudes we know that can play the bass but these harmonies are not easy! Don’t get hold of us if you don’t have a seriously natural knack for harmony! May I add that you will have to be able to tour. That is the whole point in us getting a new person.

To “try out” simply film yourself playing bass and singing the harmonies to any song on the new album and send it to [email protected] Preferably we would like to hear one of the tougher tunes that has lots of backing vocals. If we dig it we will get in touch with you and invite you over for beers and rock and go from there. thanks

Here is what Weigel had to say on our facebook page about all this:

“I highly recommend that everybody spread the word to their friends who can sing and play as this is a great opportunity to actually be in a great band! Say this to them –> “Being in the Gamits is incredibly fun, the music is killer, Chris and Forrest are the best guys on the planet, and you will get way more opportunities to tour, see the world and play rad shows than you will ever get with your crappy band.” Honestly, it really is the best, but I don’t want to tour anymore as I have a 1 year-old baby and it just doesn’t work for me. To have to keep turning down cool offers blows (who turns down an Italian tour and two shows at SXSW?!?!?). The music of the Gamits must be heard by all! ”

New Interactive Video for “This Shell”

Our good friends over at Legwork Studio did this amazing new video for us! Click HERE!

Thanks so much guys! We hope that your work will bring us great fame and fortune.

Back Home and New Show Posted!

Hey friends. We made it back in one piece from Japan, Ukraine and Russia. Tour was great and the best place to check out photos and stay in touch is on our facebook page or our gallery page. Thanks to all of our new friends and fans way over in far away places and we hope to go back soon! We’re playing a show on Dec 4th at Larimer Lounge with our good friends Eolian and High Horse. Each band including The Gamits will be playing their new albums from start to finish for one night only!

Get tickets cheap right here!

Our CD’s are finally in and vinyl should ship next week! Party!