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Paper + Plastick
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December 10, 2011


Split with Red City Radio

  • Play Attention
  • Hanging On A Telephone (Blondie)

The Gamits:
Drums: Forrest Bartosh
Bass: Scott Weigel
Guitar, Vocals: Chris Fogal

This split comes from Red City Radio and The Gamits. One new song from each band and one cover song.

For Red City Radio, "We Know Who We Are, Who the Fuck Are You?" is a new track following in the footsteps of their acclaimed full-length, "The Dangers of Standing Still." Meanwhile, "Little Fighter" is a cover originally performed by White Lion.

On The Gamits' side, "Play Attention" is the new original, while "Hanging On the Telephone" is a cover originally written by Jack Lee/The Nerves, but popularized by Blondie a couple of years later.

100 - Various Color "One of One"
250 - Magenta
250 - Lime Green